Thursday, 28 November 2013


Been winding a few rags up in the MUEN with my letter re Lofthouse’s second goal in the 1958 cup final. Sadly they edited my reference to united fans death threats to Peter McParland that season, poison pen letters to Dennis Viollet, their own player, and the stoning and flour bombing of the returning Bolton coach in Salford - all as reported in the MUEN at the time!. I’ve  sent a response to the latest letters re Denis’s goal in 1974 etc. so we’ll see if they print that one.
Last night it was Plzen of course. Didn’t hear much singing from our singing section (now adopted by the rags)  but their fans kept us entertained.
Game was much as expected, and our big players saw us through. Munich won in Moscow, so we’ve little chance of finishing top now. Rags won 5-0 at Leverkusen surprisingly.
Much stuff on 40 year old Giggs in the muen. He was discovered by Dennis Schofield who lived on our street in Swinton, but I didn’t know he was a City fan.
Suddenly Giggsy is a Saint again. Brushed out is the booing he got from rags fans a few years ago when he was shagging Dani Behr and playing crap, not to mention betraying his brother with his missus.
The legendary rags selective memory syndrome kicks in again.
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  1. I followed that discussion, but I didn't realise that the original letter was yours Dave.