Saturday, 23 November 2013


Sped round all the outlets yesterday – two BHAIJ1 Shops on Merseyway Stockport,  Aleef – Cross Street/Market street; High Street, Piccadilly Approach, and the National Footy museum, after a Jacket (with beans and cheese) at Next to stave off the dithery doos.
Today Everton and Liverpool drew and Arsenal and Newcastle won so we dropped another place. Sunderland went bottom to really rub the 1-0 in. And so to tomorrow - Spurs at home, not sure if Joe’s back in or not, I’d put him back in to be honest but we’ll see. Must win tomorrow, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK210 out tomorrow :  

Promoted in 1978, since then they’ve been successful in all the Cups, last winning the League Cup in 2008. Recent connection Adebayor. 127th league meeting.

Some celeb fans : Kenneth Branagh, Charles Bronson (the criminal), Pierce Brosnan, Warren Mitchell, Jude Law, Colin Firth, Linda Lusardi

Last season at the Lane in April we registered that  1-3 loss. Nasri opened the scoring (5) but Dempsey (75) Defoe (79) and Bale (82) sunk us without trace. Crowd was 36,121 with 3,015 Blues
They finished 5th with 72 points.
In the Capital One Cup they beat Carlisle 3-0 away in the 3rd but lost 2-1 at Norwich in the 4th.
In the FA Cup they beat Coventry 3-0 at home in the 3rd rd but lost 2-1 at Leeds in the 4th rd.
In the Europa League  they lost Basel in the Q/F, 2-2 home, 2-2 away, 1-4 on pens.

This season so far they’re in 7th place with 20 points from 11 games and 3 wins 1 draw and 1 loss away from home.
In the Capital One Cup they’ve beaten Villa away 4-0, drawn 2-2 with Hull at home winning on pens, and play West Ham at home in the Q/F.
In the Europa League, they’ve beaten Dinamo Tblisi 5-0 away 3-0 home; Sheriff Tiraspol 2-0 away, 2-1 home; Tromso 3-0 away (Nov 28 home) Anzhi Makhachkala 2-0 away (Dec 12 home)

Form at home to Spurs: Out of the 16 Prem league games we’ve now won 5 including the last three, but prior to those it was 2 draws and 9 losses.

Comment : Signings included Paulinho £17M, Chadli £7M, Soldado £26M, Capoue £9M, Chiriches £8.5M, Eriksen £11.5M, Lamela £26M – total of £106M, with Bale £85.3M, Caulker £9M, Dempsey £6M, Huddlestone £5M, Parker £3.5M, Luonga £400K – total of £109M! So not bad business really!
They’re doing OK in the Capital One Cup, and in Europe but have had a couple of set backs in the Prem so have dropped to 7th, after a promising start, one place above us. Always an entertaining game at home to Spurs, so hopefully our recent good run will continue, and it’s a great chance to go above them.

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 20,858 in 85/86 and this season it’s 35,974(don’t laugh!)


  1. I have a bad feeling about today. We have put ourselves in a position where we can't afford to lose any more games and our record at he Etihad is fantastic. But Spurs have come close the last three times we've met at The Etihad.

  2. Damm, I'm too late. My evil twin brother said he was going to come on and write some rubbish using my login to the tune that I was worried about today's game. The above views weren't mine, I was going to write that i thought we'd get six or seven today.

  3. Weird game, 3.0 up at half time despite looking really dodgy at the back, especially Cliche who is awful from match to match. Toure non-existent again, with Nasri and Ferdy doubling up to cover him. Second half, Toure makes his one meaningful contribution setting up Sergio, a beaut from the Beast, and suddenly it's how many we will get. Ferdy unlucky not get his deserved 1st, before Navas latches onto a superb pass from Miner.
    Overall a great result, despite only getting into 3rd gear, never mind 4th of 5th. The attack all great, with Navas finally looking like a player. Ferdy continues to improve and more important to the play than Toure at the moment. Defence dodgy, but looked more settled with Lescott helping to cover the hapless Cliche.
    So up to 4th only 2 points behind Chelsea and Liverpool. But we'll be back down to 5th after half the united game so far. An outrageous bottling out by the ref, only booking Rugney after a forearm smash on a Cardiff player only warranting a yellow! Of course, he then scores via a deflection and crosses a corner for their second on half time. As the mighty Rush said in 78 "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose".

    1. Fuck me, maybe there's a God! Cardiff equalize in the 90th minute, and from the kick off, the bewigged one bottles a one on one with the keeper. Thank Christ we were spared one on the world's ugliest sights twice in one day-Rugney sliding on his knees after scoring, with that awful sneer on his face.

  4. We really saw the benefit of a tailored game plan yesterday I think. To counter Spurs pace upfront and to create a stretched field to provide spaces in between the midfield, I believe Pelligrini told the defence to back off and play deep.

    With Nasri's incisive passing and the pace of Aguero and Navas this worked a treat. Because the Beast is such a handful the Spurs defence had no answer to the questions we posed.

    Can we finally get going away from home and convert the possession, chances and territory into goals whilst staying tight at the back? There is no reason why we shouldn't.

    Was it me or was Lescott commanding at the back as well. Granted he was playing against a tall striker in Adebayor and not someone who would easily turn him but I thought he was very good.

  5. I agree Lescott still has a role to pay for us

  6. After every home game I think we’re going to do the treble, but after every away game I think we’ll finish 9th. I don’t think yesterday told us anything that we didn’t already know.
    Just like the England cricket team, City are devastating when already on top, but spineless when the going gets tough.
    Look no further than the fantastic Nasri chip with his wrong foot. If the game had been 0-0 he would have stopped and passed it sideways.
    Negredo and Aguero have already formed an understanding, but I still worry for the games when they don’t score.

  7. yesterday was our away day template though. as to worrying about the games when they dont score? talk about glass half empty!! We are the top scorers in the league FFS!

  8. Duffman - I fear you are mistaken. I have just watched the start of MNF and Neville and Carragher have just told the nation that the reason we won was because Spurs were so dozy and ill-prepared for the start of the game! (at least think that's what Carragher was saying, I couldn't get the subtitles up)

    Seriously though, apart from a 15-18 minute spell at one nil, I thought we were magnificent. Most pleasing was how clinical we were in front of goal - it does my head in when we can't even hit the target. I have to disagree with Dave on one point, however, I thought it was Yaya eventually getting into the game that made the difference, particularly second half. And this without Kompany and Silva. Still, as a number of you have stated, we've seen it all before, only to be brought down to earth by our next away result. It's all in the mind............

  9. You're missing the point Duffman. We are top scorers because we score lots of goals in games that are already won. How many goals did Aguero and Negredo score at Sunderland?
    Our whole approach is wrong in the away goames and nothing will change until everybody starts contributing