Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I was on Talksport (by invitation) on Friday night, about  10.45pm, in between doing The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine and Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) on karaoke.
View on City? Must win on Sunday, but we could have already blown things  with the loss at Sunderland.. 2-0 win predicted.
Bright but cold day on Sunday for the launch of KK 210. Pre match I asked Richard if he’d kindly do the report on the 2-0 win, which he kindly aqreed to.
You know the rest. We were outplayed for the first twenty minutes then scored another five  goals. Always brilliant to score six v Spurs, a ballet on grass. Lovely. Negredo’s goal was referred to as an own goal. Rooney’s deflected goal at Cardiff wasn’t. Not even discussed. Why?
What did the result tell us? Nowt we don’t already know. Plzen and Swansea next, then the real tests of three aways.
Anyway all subscriptions and contributors now in the post .
Just the water leak in the loft, central heating and bedroom conversion to sort now.
Anyone know a good plumber (preferably a Blue?)
Phil Lines wants to know which game was it when Spurs had to play at Maine Road in City’s away strip?
All for now

PS Kindle version should be up and running by mid week


  1. Dunno where this outplayed phase was. All I saw was Spurs passing the ball backwards and sideways, like us playing away at a park-the-bus team. Little or no penetration. We on the other hand, had a real dangerous edge every time we had the ball. Spurs played into our hands by playing such a high line and by being so toothless in attack. Like a knife versus a pat of butter.

    Negredo's 'first' goal hits one Spurs player and ricochets (I think) sideways and slightly forwards before hitting Sandro and going in. But it's very hard to tell - that's just my take on it really and no doubt Dubious Goals will be looking. If the ball is going forwards and into the goal between the 1st and 2nd touches then it's Negredo's. If not then it's Sandro's. Too fast for my eyesight and slo-mo to be sure. Rooney's was at least heading towards the goal before the deflection. Being on the pitch still was the problem. Well simply being Rooney is the problem...

  2. I think the Spurs game in question was at the start of the 1985-86 season when City won 2-1. However there was another game around December 1990 when City played in all maroon at Maine Road. Gascoigne and Lineker were both playing for Spurs, but City won 2-1 with two late goals.

  3. Apparently, 94% of all refereeing decisions are proved to be accurate.
    However 94$ of all mistakes involve leniency for a petulant kick by Wayne Rooney.
    Geoff: I think it was you who commented how strange the game developed on Sunday with a bizarre early goal and then twenty minutes of Tottenham pressure without much penetration. After that, Tottenham played into our hands with a high line allowing us to utilise the space behind them.
    My problem with City is that we need more goals from the City midfield, particularly away from home when the opposition slow the game down with cheap free kicks and don’t allow us the freedom to build momentum.
    To give you a cricket analogy, Graham Swann averages 20 with the bat, but nearly all his runs come from situations when England are already a hundred runs ahead. Similarly he gets most of his wickets in the second innings when Broad and Anderson have already done the damage.
    However when England are struggling and really need a big contribution from Swann, he chokes.
    To be honest I think City have a few players with the same weakness.

  4. The Guardian on 1st Sep 1985 (City 2 - Spurs 1) the reporter Michael Nally reports that both teams came out at the start of the match in "fetching combinations of sky-blue and white, City in their traditional shirts." After six minutes of the game City were forced to strip and change and reappeared after three minutes in their red and black 'away' shirts. The reporter asks why City had to change shirts, and suggests that Spurs couldn't afford away shirts after paying so much for Chris Waddle.

    The Observer on 16th Dec 1990 makes no mention of City wearing 'away' shirts, but harps on about a dubious penalty that gave City the victory.